Fight breast cancer with the power of artificial intelligence!


An App to self detect breast cancer.

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Breast cancer has become the leading cause of death in Indian women and is the most common female cancer worldwide.

2 million

New cases per year globally by 2030.


of the world's breast cancers are in India

1 in 28

Women in India likely to develop breast cancer.


of all the cases are in the 25-50 years age group.

Fighting Breast Cancer with the Brexa App

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Check your cancer risk

Answer the risk score questions in Brexa app and find out your chances of getting breast cancer. Brexa will guide you further based on your risk

Timely reminders

The app reminds you to examine your breasts every month. The only way to beat cancer, is to stay vigilant!

Mammogram & diagnosis

Get mammogram and diagnosis deals, vouchers and results directly on the app. Perfect for a woman on the go!

Find the nearest specialist

Use the app to find the nearest mammography center and qualified breast cancer specialist doctors.

Expert consultation

Get an expert second opinion about your radiology images and biopsies from verified, highly qualified doctors.

There is a ‘CAN’ in Cancer, because we CAN beat it together!

Available on iOS and Android

Brexa is designed to offer complete screening and life long protection from breast cancer, using the power of your smart phone.It is free, made just for you





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Believe it or not – as fun as it sounds being lazy is not a healthy habit. One should move around, even if it is in the house, and do a task that requires physical activity.

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Do you know the leading cause of death among women from the age group of 20-50 years in the world? Breast cancer – that’s right. Back in 2012, nearly 1.7 million cases of the disease were diagnosed worldwide. We agree the statistic is shocking but there’s more.